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Mention the name Dream Frequency to any oldskool raver and you will hear words like rave legends, masters of oldskool and original ravers, that's because we are one of THE original rave PA’s.  Over the last 30 years we have taken many nights to the highest level with our visual and energetic performances!


Formed in 1990 our first release 'Live the Dream" (paying homage to the infamous Blackburn rave at the time) gained underground acclaim and was signed to XL Recordings back in 1991.


Then with Debbie Sharp's amazing vocals and performance our next 3 releases, 'Feel so Real', 'Take me' and 'Good Times' rocked parties far and wide. It's mad to think 30 years on these tunes are still cherished by Dj's and clubbers worldwide 

We have been SO lucky to PA all over the world.  Touring across America and Australia with the Prodigy in 1993 and we performed in Tokyo to 55,000 screaming fans at Japan's first EVER rave! Wow!

We are still going strong even after all this time, with gigs and PA's all around the UK and abroad, so if you're into your oldskool, we look forward to rocking your dance floor soon!



After 30 years we have a brand new Dream Frequency album! Celebrating the last three crazy decades of music with new remixes of the original tracks, loads of new uplifting anthems, rave stompers and hands in the air tunes.

Rave vibes for the oldskool and the now !

Check it out 


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Our blog is your VIP backstage pass to all things DF.


See what we have been up to


the Pa’s Preston Guild hall Great memori


Dream Frequency Live - Kilwaughter House, Larne 1994
Connor Clements

Dream Frequency Live - Kilwaughter House, Larne 1994

Buy me a coffee - A brand new album from Dream Frequency 20 new floor-filling tracks ,with remixes from Rob Tissera, K69, Si Frater and Dave Heaton TAKE ME TO THE TOP It's 30 years since our first ever release and to celebrate this huge milestone we would like to celebrate by releasing a new Dream Frequency album aptly called 30. Over the last 6 months, I have been beavering away in the studio to bring together something worthy from the "original ravers" 100% DREAM FREQUENCY At the end of last year, I was busy working on a new house music project, when a friend said: "Blandy, you will be Dream Frequency till you die, why not make some new DF tracks ?" It hit me right in the face, OMG, he was right, Dream Frequency is in my DNA, it’s where I came from, some of my most memorable experiences have been with DF, it also suddenly dawned on me that 2020 would be the 30 year anniversary of our first release. WOW! Only thing was, I hadn’t made any new DF tracks for a long time. So the Journey began. I've got to be honest, starting the album was a bit daunting. Could I live up to all the previous tracks? I really wanted to capture all the DF energy from back in the day, but also somehow take it forward for the ‘now". In a nutshell RAVE ON STERIODS! I revisited some of the synths and sounds I used to use, the fat bass and pad sounds of the Juno 106, the driving beats of the Roland 909 and 808, jamming with some riffs, putting pen to paper and started writing some top lines for the vocals, (something I not done for a while. ) Tell you what, once I was a few tracks in I was having so much fun, it was like visiting an old friend, I was making music from the heart again, I was enjoying myself and the tracks just kept on coming and coming. HERE WE F’KING GO! 2020 was a busy year, we had a new live stage show all planned and ready to rock, we had gigs and festivals lined up and we had planned to showcase some of the new tracks. Scotland ....Here we F•ckin GO!! Then bang! COVID- 19 put a grinding halt to all of that and the lockdown completely changed all our lives and livelihoods in an instant. I sincerely hope everyone and their loved ones are safe and well and I believe we can only stay strong by helping each other through these mad times!! So, with no gigs for the foreseeable, I found myself with some with extra time on my hands. I put it to good use and I'm close to finishing this epic album. I'm lucky to have worked with some amazing performers on this album, from the powerful vocal range of Sherie Hartill, the spine-tingling vocals of Tameka Jackson and a lady who needs no introduction, the first lady of DF, the legend Debbie Sharp. These ladies are a force to be reckoned with and I hold nothing but respect for them for producing some goosebump moments on the tracks. Plus a special guest appearance from Skilf as he lays down his own unique lyrical flow on the track Roller coasting, Add to all that, the super talented vocalist and artist Luke Neptune smashes it out of the park on Keeps on playin! As an extra bonus, there will be remixes from four of my good friends, a legend of the rave scene Rob Tissera with his infectious energy takes it to the next level with his remix of Take Me. Feel So Real is launched into 2020 by one of THE original oldskoolers and top 100 Beatport artist K69. One of Beatherders finest Dave Heaton and all-round good egg brings it home with his driving tech dub of one of our classics and I'm excited to team up with Mr Rejueve himself Si Frater as we smash the massive club anthem "Rejuvenation" often sung by the packed crowds at Beaverworks Mills, We also have a world exclusive - for the first time in our 30 year history Ultrasonic and Dream Frequency have joined forces with their first-ever track. A force to be reckoned with!!!! Hardcore meets hands in the air vocal piano. Here we, here we, here we F*k*ng go!!!! There are 20 new tracks in total, ranging from screaming rave anthems, uplifting vocal vibes and a few surprises too! MAKE SOME NOISE FOR YOURSELVES! From full-on rave anthems, crazy costumes and energetic stage show, DF have always "brought the noise" and I would love to do the same with this album. I have put my heart and soul into every track, I'm SO proud, it's a definite NO FILLERS, ONLY KILLERS !! kind of album. Dream Frequency "30" will be meticulously produced by myself using the latest mastering and production techniques from my own studio and 30 years in the game as an artist and producer.



Read, Ribble Valley,

Lancashire, UK



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