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At the end of last year, I was busy working on a new house music project in my studio, when a good friend with said: "Blandy, why are you making that ???, you will be  Dream Frequency till you die, why not make some new DF tracks? people are ALWAYS asking me!"


He was right, Dream Frequency is in my heart, it’s in my DNA, it’s where I came from, some of the most memorable experiences ever have been with Dream Frequency! However, I hadn’t made any new DF tracks for so long, plus I realised it was 30 years since we had started, man and boy!


So the Journey began, at the start of this new album it felt daunting, could I live up to all the previous tracks? I wanted to capture all the DF rave energy of the oldskool but take it forward for the ‘now’, in a nutshell ….RAVE ON STERIODS!


I started to remember what synths and sounds I was using, writing vocals again and making new anthems! Once I was a few tracks in I was having so much fun, it was like visiting an old friend, making music from the heart again.




With a new live stage show all planned and ready to rock we had gigs and festivals lined up this year to showcase some of the new tracks, then bang! Covid-19 stopped all this and the lockdown has changed all our lives.

My sincere condolences to anyone who has suffered during this period, we can only stay strong helping each other.


So, with extra time on my hands, I have been closing in on finishing this epic album. I’m nearly there, there will be 20 new tracks in total ranging from screaming vocal rave anthems, uplifting vibes and a few surprises too. 


Also, the album will feature THE first-ever joint track with Ultrasonic and Dream Frequency, new amazing vocals from Sherie Hartill, Tameka Jackson and the legend that is Debbie Sharp. 

Also special guest appearance from Skilf.


An extra bonus will be remixes from my good friends and top boys of the scene Rob Tissera, K69, Si Frater and Dave Heaton.



We only want to bring you guys the very best from Dream Frequency with whatever we do.  I have put my absolute heart and SOUL into every track, so rest assured with my 30 years of making music it is defo NO FILLERS …ONLY KILLERS !!


I have looked into all sorts of options to celebrate the DF 30 anniversary. Due to the current lockdown situation, this is going to be difficult to fund on my own, I simply can’t afford to make it happen in the way I had planned. I want to make this memorable, something you can cherish for the next 30 years, so I have decided a Kickstarter project is the best way to go. 


In a nutshell, Kickstarter is a way of bringing creative projects to life with help in the form of pledges from you guys.  We have set up a number of packages from a signed CD, double vinyl pack, test pressings and your own personalised  DF "scrapbook" a 50-page book with lots of unseen photo's DF memorabilia and funny untold stories.  Basically choose your package pledge the amount but NO money will be taken unless we hit our target.  A win-win situation!

Take a look at our video to give you a taster of the album and then decide which package you want to support. I hope you can get involved. 


I know things are tight at the moment so even if you can't pledge, give it a little like and share on social media to share the love....

Thank you


Dream Frequency







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