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May 2020

in storage ..for now ! 

Like all of us, Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown came as a bit of a shock, especially as we were ready to launch the Dream Frequency new album and tear into the brand new live shows.


The weeks before the lockdown were mad busy, Charlotte was up to her knees in paper mache,  making new costumes, we were bouncing ideas around with Trixi for the new stage show and practicing with singer Sherie Hartill who is featured heavily on the new album (as the legend Debbie Sharp has retired to look after her family in the states).

Our 2020 gig calendar was filling up fast and we were gearing ourselves up for a massive year ready to bring the noise to Ibiza, Beatherder festival, Diva fest, Street Rave to name just a few.  The last gig we performed at was at Retro for Paul Taylor, this was about 2 weeks before Covid-19 and the lockdown. What a gig! Great venue, massive crowd who were well up for it.  Big love to everyone that came, it was great to catch up with some of the old angels crew.


Many of our gigs have now been put back to either next year or reschedules are pending, but don't worry folks, we shall all come back ready and fresh after we beat this!  In the meantime until we can be together again you can still catch me spinning a few tunes via live streams.  Check them out

So with the gigs on hold we are going full steam ahead with the album launch.  We initially thought to release the album at the end of 2020, but we have decided to make it the 'sound of the lockdown' and aim for a summer release! As with any launch there is still lots to do, the music is almost complete, but we wanted to celebrate our 30 year history with some exclusive stuff like special edition T-shirts, vinyl packages and a limited edition book with photos and stories that we have not shared before.  If you want to know more head over to our album page to find out more


I'd like to take this opportunity to say to you all, stay safe and keep positive. 


Feb 2020

mj resized.jpg

We have been busy bee's at Dream Frequency HQ, new album almost finished, brand new costumes and an explosive new live show in the making! It's been mental! The house looks like an arts and craft shop at the moment lol,

Huge credit my wife Charlotte who has spent hours in hobby craft buying materials to make new head gear, masks and full on stage costumes, we just wanted to come back with some fresh vibes for 2020 but with a nod to our rave roots from back in the day, visual but most of all FUN!!

Feeling SO vibed at the moment, really pleased with the new album, lot's of absolute bangers on there, as they say, no fillers ONLY KILLERS! Can't wait for you guys to hear it.  Check out our page for more.

Next Stop is Angels Reunion gig in Burnley 29th Feb 2020, which holds a special place in our hearts where we will be giving everyone a taste of the new stage show and previewing a couple of new tune from the album (a little exclusive for the Retro massive) I'm really looking forward to catching up with his old mukka and house legend Paul Taylor!

See you on the Dancefloor !



Jan 2020

So I'm sat in my studio having a moan to someone about making new house music (not Dream Frequency) and it falling on deaf ears, when he turns around and says... "Blandy, you will be doing dream frequency gigs till you die, why not write some new music and focus on that !? " Such an obvious a statement, but a light bulb moment that hit me right in the gut, he was damn right!


But 'hold on' I thought , I haven't REALLY written a DF tune in anger for 30 years. Debbie Sharp my original singer is in the states and semi retired, can I still do this? How will people react to it? The first few tracks did feel a little alien to me, but after finding my rave feet again, finding a new amazing singer, the songs started to flow and FLOW! I couldn't STOP writing tracks, it felt so much fun, no F*cks given, rave on steroids was the order of the day, just like I used to write, but with nod to the nu skool too ! 

Fast forward 6 months and 18 tracks in, aiming at 20 to REALLY come back with a bang! Folks, there is something for everyone on this album, vocal anthems, rave face melters, even a couple of vocal drum and bass stompers, I can't wait for you guys to hear them! 

We will be looking at a Summer 2020 launch, Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear about how to get involved.


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